sources: mari's play kitchen.

Thanks for all your sweet notes on Mari's little play kitchen. Every day, I watch her learn as her imagination grows. It's so much fun. I also don't mind partaking in some pretend play myself. What a little mind vacation it is to be in the world of Miss Mari. It always makes my days better.
custom IKEA play kitchen by paper{whites}
I am a big fan of glamming up basic Ikea pieces, with custom touches from favorite places like Anthropologie, The Home Depot and Etsy. If you're in the market for a play kitchen or considering going the Ikea route, here's the shop-easy list of sources for all the little add-ons you see above, and then some.

one // Ikea Duktig kitchen.

two // additional Duktig top section.

three // Ikea Raskog kitchen cart in teal.

four // a perfect fit to Ikea's pre-drilled holes on the lower cabinet and microwave: two Liberty Steel 5" Bar Pulls from The Home Depot.

five // Red Licorice Apron (and matching hand towels) from Little Lily Lulu.

six // Metropolitan Hook from Anthropologie (for installation: two small wood screws are needed and a drill is handy but not necessary).

seven // two Silver Mirrored Knobs from Anthropologie.

Also handy: a hacksaw to trim the excess from the Anthro knobs on the interior of the left door.

Not pictured: white magnetic kitchen timer from Anthropologie, only available in-store.

Need to add: a small rug to frame the area. Mari spends a lot of time on her little knees, going from cabinet to cabinet. She gets very busy!

The stainless tools you see are all from Ikea, referenced here. Instead of buying a bunch of play dishes and bowls, I repurposed what we had from some old purchases, including a plastic mixing bowl set from Ikea, some OXO kid plates and turquoise-lined melamine bowls from Target.

The play food we are enjoying includes Ikea's Duktig fruit basket, Plan Toys' assorted vegetable set, Pottery Barn Kids' bake and decorate cupcake set and Melissa & Doug's felt pizza set. Around the house, we regularly go shopping for all sorts of play food items with Mari's favorite shopping cart, from Melissa & Doug.

There are lots more details shots over at yesterday's reveal post, which you can check out right here.


Joan Troyer said...

If I have a kitchen like this, I will cook all day long :)

sandpaper and silly putty said...

It turned out SO cute! I think C's ready for a boy version. He and Mari can share recipes.