new year, new intentions.

Well, hello 2013! What a holiday season. Just a few days after Christmas, I started a bit of a house cleanse, and it felt so good. I am list-making to tackle a few really neglected spaces in our house this month, including the garage and our multi-purpose closet that holds everything from craft and wrapping supplies to purses, the vacuum and photo albums. It's a mess, hasn't been touched since before Mari was born and January seems like a good month to try to get it under control.
Along with some organizing, I'm also making writing my 2013 intentions. Looking back on last year's list, I feel pretty good. I feel good that most intentions turned to reality, and became a part of my life; the monthly dinner parties, furthering my creative education and cooking fresh for our family. Sure, I fell off the wagon here and there - I think there was a good two-to-three month stretch without dinner guests, and while I got to read to Mari on most nights, I didn't really do it for myself.

There's one intention that I didn't get to - at all - and it crushes me. And that is Mari's first year baby book. I didn't even touch it. Starting today - you can hold me to it - it's at the top of my short, but very specific 3-intention list. Here goes.

Make Mari's first year baby book.
A hold-over from last year, I am getting hung up on the fear of organizing thousands - thousands - of photos. I do have a sweet baby milestone calendar, on recommendation from Mary, that is going to help me pull it all together. My hope is that this intention inspires the next very important one.

Print out 10 of my favorite photos each month.
A co-worker of mine reminds me that photos on a screen mean nothing until you can print them out, and hold them with your own two hands. He's inspired me to re-discover what photos are meant for: memories that you can hold onto, touch and share. In person.

Practice yoga twice each week.
This doesn't sound too hard, does it? After going from practicing four times each week to barely four times in four months, this is a big challenge for me. Yoga helps me feel good in so many ways, about so many things, and I miss it. I need it.

There are lots of little things on my list for Spring, like re-planting my herb garden that has suffered from the cold and rainy outdoors, taking more Nicole's Classes and hosting friends, old and new, over for dinner on a regular basis.

What are your big plans for 2013?

PS: I'd like to tell you that I grew the paperwhites you see above, but they were gifted, already blooming. I have yet to actually plant bulbs. Is it too late?!

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