friday foto: whooo is that.

Look at this cute little bug. I mean, owl.
Here is Miss Mari, debuting her Blueberry Hill knit owl cap that Santa scored from one of our favorite Manhattan Beach shops: Bella Beach Kids.

Kris and Tony at Bella are two of our favorite Manhattan Beach shop owners. They put up with dozens of baby-related questions when I was pregnant, and helped us with major parental decisions like: what stroller to buy. Over the last several months, it's become one of Mari's favorite places. She always heads straight for the play kitchen, and Bella welcomes her in with open arms and entertains her while I get to oooh and aaah over all things sweet in their adorable shop.

You can visit Bella online or you can take a stroll down Manhattan Beach Blvd. Right next to Simmzy's, you'll find one of the prettiest places in town. Oh, and they also have a Bella Beach for women. So many yummy things for us grown ups!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend, all!

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