friday foto: 01.13.13.

Someone turned a year and a half on Monday. I'm sure there are all sorts of exposure issues with this picture, but it's one of my recent favorites.
Look how big my 18-month old is. In the last month, I've watched her put objects, sounds and nearly whole words together. She communicates with me when she's full, when she's thirsty, when she wants her shoes on or off and when she'd like to snack on some pita chips with her own little bowl of hummus. Although sometimes she prefers pretzels with tzatziki.

Her favorite words are agua, truck, car and ball. She is cutest when she tries to woof like a dog or moo like a cow. She blinks her eyes extra long when we mention the word 'ojos,' the Spanish translation for 'eyes,' and she's nearly able to somersault all on her own.

She's a curious little soul who likes to make sure everything and everyone is just so. Above, she's tending to her favorite Teddy who spends most of his days waiting for her in her sweet little crib.

Love you, my Mari girl. Can't believe we made it to the 18-month milestone. Let's play this weekend!

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Eden said...

i think the light in this photo makes it that much more magical. a little overexposure never killed anyone. ;) happy birthday to your little one!