merry merry.

I'm very happy and relieved to report I was almost two weeks early with my Christmas cards this year, as opposed to last year, when I sent them out on Dec. 23. This was a project done all on my own, with the exception of a beautiful photo from Ms. Jenna Beth, of course.
Using the Illustrator skills I learned in Alma's class, plus a spot-on printer reference from Christie, I pieced together the design you see below with my favorite paper bag envelopes from Paper Source and our custom return address stamp from Paperwink.
Paper: Savoy 100% cotton letterpress in bright white.
Printer: Manhattan Re-Pro.

I'm so thankful to have connected with David at Manhattan Repro. He was patient with all my crazy questions, and like a lot of us, appreciates a really thick paper and a beautifully printed product. Oh, and for anyone interested: he also has a letterpress. Goldmine!

PS: If you're considering design classes, but wondering what's best for you, Alma just discussed the differences between InDesign and Illustrator on Nicole's Classes' blog yesterday. Check it out!


Becca said...

You did this yourself?! Way to go! I went with Minted this year and we have yet to receive ours, much less address and mail them, haha. Oh well, better late than never!

P.S. I just made your cheesecake petit fours for a party tomorrow... and bought POM today to try your holiday cocktail at the party, too! I'm going to have a few sips, 8 months pregnant or not. :-)

mary said...

they are so, so darling -- makes me smile every time i see it on the fridge!!! xoxo p.s. i knew you had designed it -- stunning!!!

Summer Daniels said...
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paper{whites} said...

Thanks, all! I love Minted so much that it was so hard not to use them but this was a fun and good challenge for myself.

Becca: hope you are enjoying the cheesecakes! And I'm addicted to the pom + prosecco... which reminds me I must stock up for the big day! Merry Christmas, all!