holiday cocktail: pom + prosecco.

I have one more holiday cocktail to share with you, just in time for your Christmas party this weekend, or your Christmas Eve or Christmas brunch. It's with my latest bubbly obsession: Prosecco. It's a little sweeter than your average champagne, and it makes for a beautiful mixer.
Grab some pre-picked and packaged pomegranate seeds from Trader Joe's, some Prosecco and some pomegranate juice and you've got a pretty, pretty holiday cocktail that's as good as it looks.
No real recipe here; but for every 48-ounce bottle (six cups) of pomegranate juice, I'd say you need two bottles of champagne, which was plenty for a group of six. But, if you're like me, you'll pick up extras of each.

To class it up, I poured the pom juice into a glass carafe (for reference: it held nearly all of the juice from the 48-ounce bottle), and left extra seeds out for my party guests. This is a simple and refreshing cocktail that unlike the mimosa, works morning, noon and night.

PS: If you are shopping Christmas brunch recipes, here are two, from last year. Highly recommend.

Vintage bar cart from Almu Design; glasses from Williams-Sonoma; wood tray from Jo-Ann; oversized kraft tag + red circle label from Paper Source.

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