friday foto: sugar cookie stars.

Every year, I resolve to make cookies in November and freeze them for Christmas. Never happens. I think I'm married to the idea that Christmas sweets baking must take place during the Christmas season. As in: in the month of December. So started the cookie marathon last weekend.
As my mom always recommends, I do sugar cookies in waves over at least three days, which is why starting in November is a great idea. For next year. I make the dough at least a few days in advance. I bake on another, and the last step, which also gets its own day: frosting. Which, like last year, was made easier with four hands versus two.

I'm a big fan of sparkling sugar, which looks fantastic on bright white stars, and their easy shape makes for easy frosting. I bake off in two sizes: large and mini.

When it comes to the dough, my all-time favorite sugar cookie recipe calls for almond extract, which you can taste in every delicious bite. And... with a quick Google search, you can find the exact recipe right here. It pairs perfectly with Martha Stewart's royal icing. I know you might be tempted to make a butter frosting, but don't bother. These cookies call for the sweet simplicity of royal icing. It's all you need. Promise.

With regards to storage: these cookies were made for the freezer. In fact, after the frosting dries, I freeze all my sugar cookies until the day I want to serve or gift them. I also like eating them cold, straight out of the freezer. Every night of December. It's my weakness.

Oh, and btw: these cookies, dipped in peppermint-spiked white hot chocolate = perfection.

What cookies are you baking up this weekend? Holiday party plans? Do tell!

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