well, this is fun (and a little announcement).

My good and longtime friend Karen at Garden, Home & Party nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is such an honor, because she was and continues to be a great source of support and encouragement for paper{whites}. She is one of my mom's oldest and closest friends, and we've developed a special relationship through blogging. And, if you're a blogger, you are nodding your head in agreement with me when I say that that's really the best part about this gig; the connections.
The Liebster Awards spread the love from one blog to the next, and are chain letter-esque. With the nomination comes some homework; list 11 personal facts; answer 11 questions from your nominator; nominate four bloggers and write 11 new questions for said nominees. Here goes.

Part I: 11 random facts about myself.
(one) my favorite color is blue. // (two) I miss my middle name that I was given at birth, so I use it from time-to-time, like in my e-mail address. // (three) I'm a dog person. // (four) whenever I go to church, which is not nearly as often as I would like, I miss my grandma. // (five) babysitting was my least favorite job. // (six) for the better part of my childhood and into high school, I was a classically trained tap, jazz and ballet dancer, and my dream job was to be a professional dancer. // (seven) I met my husband at work and we had a secret office romance for months! // (eight) good burgers + skinny fries are my weakness. // (nine) my favorite smell is my daughter's hair. // (ten) besides my husband, my brother makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world. // (eleven) I struggle everyday to find balance as a working mom, but I've found it's not impossible.

Part II: answers to Karen's questions.
one // How did you start blogging?
After being introduced to wedding blogs while planning our 2009 wedding, I was desperate for a creative outlet. I started paper{whites} late at night, on a random Wednesday night.

two // What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Connecting very intimately with a community of people that I would otherwise never, ever know.

three // What is your favorite movie?
You've Got Mail.

four // Are you a do-it-yourself person, or do you keep a list of handy people near the phone?
I only have one handyman, and that's my dad. There's nothing he can't do. I like to DIY, with his help on most occasions.

five // Are you a city person or country person, and why?
Both. I love the heartbeat of a vibrant city, but I don't like living in one. I also love to breathe in country air. Manhattan Beach is a small town that gives me a little bit of both, only with the smell of salty sea air.

six // What is your favorite season?
Loaded question in the Fall. But, it's Spring.

seven // Do you prefer old antiques or new furnishings?
I prefer a mix of both.

eight // Do you lean more towards a tailored look or ruffles and lace?
I'm tailored.

nine // Which would you choose: the beach or the mountains?
Beach. But, oh, do I love a trip to the mountains.

ten // What's one modern convenience you couldn't live without?
When Mari was born: the swing.

eleven // What's your idea of the ideal evening?
A glamorous night in, with a home-cooked meal, something sweet for dessert from Becker's and lots of episodes of Homeland on the DVR.

Part III: four nominations and 11 new questions.
Congratulations to the following nominees with whom I have loved connecting: Tulips & Flight Suits; Restored Style; Two PhDs Baking and, here's the really big news, my fourth nomination goes to my sister-in-law Whitney, who just started a DIY-themed blog: Sandpaper and Silly Putty. You are going to love it. So, go! Check it out (and, really, check out all the nominees, for their blogs are so inspiring and entertaining).

And now, the questions.
(one) where do you blog from most often (as in: your kitchen? your bedroom? Coffee Bean?)? // (two) what is your favorite thing to cook? // (three) who is your dream dinner guest? // (four) how many siblings do you have and where do you fall in the birth order? // (five) what is your all-time favorite book? // (six) have you ever wanted to live somewhere else, and if so, where? // (seven) what has been your greatest blogging inspiration? // (eight) in one word, how would you describe your personal style? // (nine) what is your dream job? // (ten) if you were a dessert, what would you be? // (eleven) when you have a free afternoon, how do you spend it?

Thanks for hanging in there with the question-and-answer marathon. I hope you enjoyed it - I did and am so thankful to Karen and GHP.

PS: If any nominees have a full blog calendar and can't squeeze in the homework for the award, no harm, no foul. Like Karen, I am just happy to recognize you!


Becca said...

You've Got Mail is my favorite too. :-) Watched it one Christmas Day and was totally hooked. My siblings and I can quote whole passages from memory.

paper{whites} said...

I bet I could, too! Now I want to go watch it tonight!!

mary said...

oh my goodness i love your answers soooo much! we're such kindred spirits :) i would love to answer these questions & am hoping that december will mean time to do that! so, so grateful these blogs introduced us :) xo

Garden, Home and Party said...

I so enjoyed reading your favorite things...it's such fun getting to know, even a long time friend such as you, even better. :-)
I'm headed to your nominees, it's always fun to find a new blog friend and the inspiration they provide, and congratulations to Whitney. I know her posts will be fun!