i am thankful.

It's turkey time. The marketing is done and baking has begun. My mom always hosts the most beautiful Thanksgiving, so there's not much for me to do, which is such a treat. I am so ready for this holiday.
{see the DIY step-by-step for this pumpkin flower vase from our mini Thanksgiving feast}
I'm also really thankful for so many people and so many things.

For twinkle lights.
For a warm bed and a roof over our head.
For kisses from Mari.
For reliable ballet flats that carry me through my every day.
For a healthy family.
For a rewarding day job.
For clean water.
For stripey straws.
For impromptu living room dance parties.
For learning new things.
For a car that works, most of the time.
For cousins.
For butter and sugar. And a full fridge.
For a hot, hot shower after a long, long day.
For friends that turn my world upside down with just a note, a hello or a smile.
For you.

Have a lovely day, however you are spending it. See you next week!

Mini note cards above from our mini Thanksgiving feast. For more last-minute Thanksgiving ideas and inspiration, see Thanksgiving Recipe Week; pumpkin flower vase DIY; last year's sunflower-inspired table setting and place card DIY; and Thanksgiving at Jeff and Whitney's.

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