foolproof day.

I'll just come right out and say it: I got to meet The Barefoot Contessa. Along with about 1,000 others, at least. With my mom and Whitney (and Carson!), I stood in line for three hours for a 10-second interchange with one of my idols. It was quite a thrill, and I am not one for lines or celebrities. Period. Ever. For me, she is the exception.
{raspberry crumble bars, from The Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof, page 210}
Standing in line with a bunch of women - and a few, proud men - who share the same affinity for things like good vanilla and good olive oil, and who have dreams of dining in the Hamptons was kind of amazing. Even with new-found friends, I learned that no one should ever go a book signing alone. Thank goodness for my mom and Whitney, for we tagged teamed the whole ordeal, navigating between two massively, long lines before getting to meet The BC in person.

Nearly just as exciting was meeting her assistant, Barbara Libath. For about 5 seconds, I felt like I was best friends with both of them.

The signing was much more of a store event than anything else. As we ho-hum'd our way through the Disneyland-esque line, we were treated to a couple of things from the new book - both so absolutely delicious - made in the kitchen, right in front of our eyes by Williams-Sonoma chefs. Those recipes = easily worth the price of the cookbook alone.
{tomato crostini with whipped feta, from The Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof, page 66}
Buzzing with joy, I made it home to bask in the memory of her warm personality and familiar smile while I methodically flipped through every page of her latest cookbook, Foolproof. If you thought you were getting just another brilliant BC cookbook, you're mistaken, because this book offers so much more than just drool-worthy recipes.

In her introduction, she explains that this book is about giving us the tools to cook and entertain with confidence. Foolproof, you might say. She talks about her tried and true foolproof recipes, and how to shop for them. She gives you two full pages of her favorite foolproof entertaining menus, with recipes that span all eight of her cookbooks. She talks Thanksgiving, tips for the oven and tips for the freezer and all throughout are beautiful photographs of the 80-some new recipes.

For those of us who like to entertain and need a little confidence to pull it all together, this book is our guide. You kind of feel like she's right in the kitchen, cooking along with you, just like she says it should be, on page 17.

I can't leave you without a photo, can I? How about two? We weren't able to photograph, so I'm thankful to the Williams-Sonoma crew for capturing these moments in time, albeit a bit fuzzy. The last one is of my mom - just look at those smiles!
PS: On page 102 of the new book, I spied a recipe for balsamic roasted beets, atop arugula, with goat cheese. I squealed when I saw it. She used marconas. I think I might have to try that next time.


Jessica said...

That is so amazing! I heard about the event, but wasn't able to go! Everyone looks so happy and joyful! :)

Becca said...

The Barefoot Contessa is smiling so much that she looks thrilled to meet you all too! So fun!

Garden, Home and Party said...

I did the same thing when she came out with her Paris cookbook. I talked to your mom, we agree, BC is such a lovely, happy person. We didn't get samples of the food when we went, lucky you. I must cook those bars.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

paper{whites} said...

Such a fun day! PS: the raspberry crumble bars were truly amazing. I cannot wait to try them!