s'mores on a stick, step-by-step.

Happy halloween week! To start it off sweetly, I have some details to share from those s'mores on a stick. This method is easy, isn't messy (although, that's arguably the beauty of real s'mores, I know) and is all about bringing that campfire feeling inside.
paper{whites} // step-by-step: s'mores on a sick
When I'm entertaining, I like to have a balance of homemade and store-bought / no-bake. No-bake s'mores on a stick look pretty and a lot harder than they really are, but only you and I will know that they are as easy as pie. Which is really not easy at all. But you get my drift.

Here's what you need:
+ wax paper
+ bag of giant marshmallows
+ bag of wood skewers
+ graham crackers
+ secret to my success: a genius tub of melting chocolate (Wilton also makes the tubs, and you can find them in the baking aisle)

Here's whatcha do:
1. toss about 8 graham crackers in a plastic sandwich bag and seal and crush with the back of a 1-cup measuring cup. If you like really fine crumbs, you can also use a food processor, but I prefer to keep it a little rustic looking, and the bag/mash method is so easy (and fun - Mari even got into it with me). Once crushed, pour into a bowl and set aside.

2. line two baking sheets with wax paper (and take a look at your frig - you'll want to clear out some space for the baking sheets for later).

3. skewer the marshmallows (I did about 2 dozen and still had a little chocolate leftover) and place them on the cookie sheets.

4. melt chocolate according to package directions.

5. set up your dipping station: (1) chocolate tub; (2) graham cracker bowl; (3) wax paper-lined cookie sheets.

6. start dipping marshmallows in chocolate. To help chocolate drip nicely, a twirl or two of the marshmallow works well.

7. immediately dip the choc-covered marshmallow in the bowl of crushed graham crackers. Twist the skewer around in the cracker crumbs to make sure you cover the entire marshmallow.

8. place on cookie sheet, and once done dipping, place sheets in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes for chocolate to set. Once it is set, you can carefully plate or consolidate so you can get your frig back to normal.
paper{whites} // step-by-step: s'mores on a sick
If you have sand nearby, you can display the smore's in sand-filled galvanized pails to give your dessert table some height. And some sweet s'mores goodness.
paper{whites} // step-by-step: s'mores on a sick
PS: if you're wondering about how the tubbed chocolate tastes - it's yummy. It has very good flavor for dipping anything - and I use this same method for strawberries and pretzels (and pretzel sticks). White chocolate dipping tubs are also available.

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