shopping for: a vintage desk clock.

I love hanging out in Mari's room. It is hands-down my favorite room in our house. It gets the most beautiful light in the afternoon, and when I get home from work, we spend a lot of time together in there.

As if she's catching me up on all she's done all day, we get lost doing all sorts of things... reading, dressing up our Jelly Cats (that'd be Jelly Cat, who is really a pig, and Jelly Bean who is actually a bunny), trying on her favorite shoes and pushing around my favorite: her Melissa & Doug shopping cart. We get very busy, the evening flies by and I always find myself straining to find a clock to keep track of time as we settle into our nighttime routine.

I need a clock in her room. Any clock will do, really, but I think a vintage desk accessory is just what we need in her special space.
{one, two, three, four, five}
Craving a vintage alarm clock? There are tons on Etsy. Which one is your favorite?


Garden, Home and Party said...

Hands down, #1...so cute and I love the color.

Vintage Alarm Clock said...

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