shopping for: a new faucet.

We rent. So, when it comes to actual beach house DIY, there's not a whole lot we can do. Everything is very cosmetic; wall painting, the occasional light fixture, some hardware, etc. I dream of the day we own a house that we can go this-old-house on. Can't wait.

Until then, we'll continue to rent from a wonderful family who gives us lots of liberties and opportunities to participate in their home ownership and care-taking, by helping with things like selecting a new refrigerator when the original broke; having the wood floors refinished; and repairing our small but lovely deck.

Which brings us to the kitchen faucet. It has seen better days. I can't even bring myself to show you a before photo, so you'll have to trust me on this one and instead, settle for my favorite dish soap.
Where to start when it comes to faucet shopping? Any tips, dear readers?

I'm leaning on my parent's knowledge from their dream kitchen re-do, and I'm hopping around a few DIY-type blogs for more insight. I have trips to Lowe's and Home Depot lined up. I've got measurements and I'm ready to tackle things like: stainless steel vs. chrome vs. nickel; to pull down or not to pull down; and so on.


Garden, Home and Party said...

Our Rohl just died after only 9 years and with only 2 adults using it. I've visited Lowe's and found a Moen that looks and functions almost exactly the same. Good luck with your search. Oh, and I'm sticking with chrome even though I have stainless in my kitchen, I just like the ease of care.

Alejandra Cocke said...

Searching for a new faucet is easy. What's hard is finding a cheaper but expensive looking one. :) I suggest you research online first before you hit the malls, Alison. That could save you some time, you know. Anyway, may I ask, what kind of faucet do you plan to buy? If you will be washing large pots or pans, my advice to you is to choose a faucet that has a big spout which you can turn aside, with a high arch, for example, one about 14 inches (36 cm) long.

Darryl Iorio said...

Some people would normally look for the design and style when they’re looking for a new faucet. It’s fine because you get excited how it will look like once installed. However, you must consider first if the design is appropriate for your sink. Make sure that you’ll get one that will fit exactly on the pipes, so you wouldn’t get disappointed in the end. You may purchase the most gorgeous faucet, but it will be useless if it doesn’t fit, right? ;)