october entertaining: progressive dinner party.

How great are progressive dinner parties? I love them. I also love our neighbors, and it was their big idea to do a Fall progressive party on our block over the weekend. How fun is that?
Drawing on some serious inspiration from Fall-themed party posts, we anchored the evening with dessert and I finally got to scratch that baking itch that was just waiting for our hot weather to pass. So, we got in the rustic Fall spirit, complete with burlap, galvanized pails, caramel, apples, popcorn, s'mores, sunflowers, peachy-orange dahlias and white pumpkins (thank you, Pinterest).

Here's the menu:
+ pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and topped with candy corns, on Mary's recommendation. She's a pumpkin expert and I trust all of her recipes.
+ s'mores-on-a-stick, inspired by Annie's Eats.
+ caramel cream cheese dip with organic fuji apples.
+ kettle corn from the El Segundo Farmer's Market (thanks, mom!).
+ to toast: mulled cider.
Sweets were served up in a collection of my favorite serving pieces, including one of the big glass jars from our wedding, atop a burlap runner that was leftover from Krisa's shower. My new favorite vessels for the season are berry baskets, which you can find in all sorts of sizes at Garnish (note: for some color, Shop Sweet Lulu sells pint-sized berry baskets that I know you will love, too).

I'll have the recipe for the caramel cream cheese dip later this week. It is a tried and true favorite, and very perfect for the season. And I've got some tips on the s'mores to share, too!

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beachcitylifestyle said...

how fun! everything looks so cute and sweet of course!
xo Teri