new series: friday foto.

Lately, I've been feeling incomplete when I'm not able to post before the weekend (read: on Friday). Since I had such a great experience with Nicole's Photo 101 class, I thought one photo a week would be a good way to keep the learning process going, hold me accountable to shooting manually and very intentionally (like the weekly homework assignments!) and provide a little sign off for the week's end.

Sound okay to you?
Here's the very first Friday Foto, sent to you with love from Mari's favorite stuffed animals and toys, piled high in her Melissa & Doug shopping cart (to which I added her name on a piece of wood, sprayed with chalkboard paint). From our deck, this cart went back to her room and was over-stuffed with everything from our mail and my wallet to her sippy cup and a few more friends.

And, even though Friday Foto is meant to be just one photo, you really ought to get the aerial view. Yes, that is one of her little shoes tucked in, next to her Jellycat. She usually insists that Jelly wear her Gazelles. Sometimes, just sometimes, they can ride in the cart, too.
Watching her plod, plan and pile it on is one of my most favorite things to do. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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Garden, Home and Party said...

Clearly, you're classes paid off. You already had such an eye, but now the composition and lighting are fabulous. Thanks for the lead on the place where you bought the cart, I just bought Olivia a Christmas gift.