loving: hometown fair wknd.

Last year, we missed the fair. The year before, I was pregnant and didn't even know it. The only thing I can remember about the 2010 fair, besides running into some of our favorites Chad and Amanda, was how crummy I was feeling. I can vividly remember that. And I think that's pretty amazing.

So, technically, Mari's been to the fair once. But since this was her first official trip, we wanted to soak it all in, starting with meeting Eddie at the finish line of the MB 10K. Quick brag: he finished 14th in his age group. Fourteenth! Someday I will run it.

At the fair, there were multiple ring tosses, funnel cakes, snow cones, caramel corn, brats and BBQ. There were high school cheerleaders selling cookies. And you could throw a swing at the Hi Striker with the rugby team. Parents trailed their face-painted kids with cotton candy and bags of just-won gold fish. It was October in Manhattan Beach, and we're so glad it's here.
We made a quick loop of the vendor village, and spotted a few really great shops you must keep your eye on:

+ Anthropologie-esque aprons, vintage dresses and sweet, sweet things from Funktion.
+ My favorite local photographer: Ken Pagliaro.
+ Milk-painted, vintage-style wood frames and other gifts from Simple Living.
+ Everything oilcloth - tablecloths, aprons, bags, etc. - from Oil Cloth Alley (PS: see what Lay Baby Lay did with oilcloth in her daughter's playroom).
+ I mentioned this shop a couple of years ago, but it's worth a refresher: Model Metalworks for hand-woven pine needle baskets with touches of silver (the wine coaster would make a great gift!).

Lastly, I spied some really, really great pillows. Pillows made from fabric that we would all pin the heck out of. And I met the sweet gal behind it all, who just started her business. She has no website, but she's got lovely stuff, and I'm saving her name and email for us: Coonley Designs.

She started sewing because she couldn't find a duvet cover she liked (I get her, don't you?). So, her boyfriend bought her a sewing machine. She took some classes. And she made her own, and now she's just a few months into her new business. Isn't that exciting?
I think it's inspiring and a good way to start the week.

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