happy halloween.

From my lady bug to you, I hope you have a spooky good day.
Mari got some trick-or-treating practice in on Monday in a hand-me-down lady bug costume that is just adorable. It's also our backup for tonight. We've practiced in the wings that I found online - it's very touch-and-go - but they look so cute with the DIY tulle skirt, which I hope to share with you if it all comes together. As of yesterday, she acted like she was wearing the most annoying backpack ever. Keep your fingers crossed!
Happy Halloween. May you enjoy chocolate like it's the first time you've ever tasted it ... in your life!

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Garden, Home and Party said...

Olivia was a ladybug last year...she's Abby (with wings) from Sesame St. this year...I think the magic wand has distracted her enough to not remove the wings. Mari looks darling! Happy Halloween.