glammed up creamy butternut squash soup, from the box.

Last week, Eddie was on the road and whenever it's just Mari and me, I barely cook for myself. I snack on veggies, maybe whip up or poach some eggs, but there's not a lot going on in the kitchen when I'm cooking for one. It was a nice break for the first few days, but by day five, I was ready for something I could sink my teeth/soul into. But I was also exhausted.
paper{whites} // glammed up creamy butternut squash soup from the box
Enter: soup in a box, with some fresh toppings and crusty, multi-grain bread to give it a boost. This is organic creamy butternut squash soup, topped with flecks of creamy goat cheese, chopped scallions from the garden and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

It was the perfect, comforting bowl for one that I needed to wash down the week. I had my own little date night on the couch, and it made being alone not so bad. I think a good meal has a way of doing that.

Have you glammed up a box'd soup? What do you top it with? Here are some other things I'd like to try:

+ toasted sunflower seeds or pepitas
+ freshly grated apple
+ a dollop of creme fraiche
+ sprinkle of gorgonzola, or any bleu cheese
+ freshly chopped herbs
+ zesty croutons (tip: my favorite store-bought are from here. Buy two bags at time and freeze the second.)

I'm shooting entirely in Manual mode now, and just finished Photo 101. I know I still have so much to learn, but the light bulb went off, and I am proud to say that I own a DSLR and I totally know how to use it. Today, I'm starting Illustrator 101. I'm just going to keep that back-to-school momentum rolling.

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Garden, Home and Party said...

Congratulations, Alison! The photo looks professional.
Love the Trader Joe's boxed soups for just the reasons you mentioned...you can sure make them taste "restaurant" worthy by just adding a few yummy ingredients.