friday foto: more from the patch.

I just love Cinderella pumpkins, don't you? This is from our visit to Tanaka Farms. By the way - this is the last weekend the farm is offering pumpkin patch tours and harvesting activities. I highly recommend a quick (or long - you'll want to stay, trust me) stop.
On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to share a quick FYI to ponder this weekend: Nicole's Classes is offering a 30% off year-end sale. On everything. I know a few of you out there are thinking about trying one of her classes, or buying one of the books. Now's the time to get on it. Consider this your nudge.

With that, I wish you a happy weekend. I'll be back next week with s'mores-on-a-stick!

For more Friday Fotos, see last week's post.

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