friday foto: it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Good Friday to you! How cute are these little adidas?
Mari's obsessed with them. When given the choice, she picks these over all others. Over her cute Toms and her sparkly Stride Rites. They're also her daddy's favorite; they came from one of his dear college friends, and was one of her very first pair of shoes.

When she wears them, she looks a bit like she's wearing moon boots. They're still a bit big on her, but she loves them.

I took this picture last Sunday night, when the sun was setting, the lighting was just beautiful, and we were barefoot on the sand. It was last Sunday when I realized that this early evening, just-before-dinner is my favorite time of day. Some days, like on Sunday, we pause and get to enjoy the sunset. Most nights, we're rushing to get dinner together, in between playing with Mari. But it's our time. From 5 o'clock on, it's our family time and that lyric, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere," well that has an entirely new meaning for me.

Though I don't mind a glass of wine to wash the day down. We did have full red party cups on our trip down to The Strand last week. Standard, really.

Happy weekend. May we all get to 5 o'clock quickly!

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Garden, Home and Party said...

Such cute shoes. I love the variety of shoes made for little kids these days. Olivia is a huge fan of shoes, sounds like Mari is too.
P.S. great photo!