friday foto: from the patch.

I'm not totally complaining about the hot weather Southern California has been experiencing, but I'm so ready for sweaters, boots and soups. Aren't you?

Under the hot sun, we got in the spirit last weekend, with a visit to Tanaka Farms. It's so worth the trip if you are in the area, whether you are with or without kids - it's just so amazing. There's a petting zoo, wagon rides and you can pick your own vegetables and pumpkins, straight from the vine. It's the real deal.
from paper{whites} blog // friday foto: from the patch.
We loved it, and I hope to share some more photos with you next week as we gear up for Halloween. And speaking of: is anyone in denial that it's so soon? I am. DALS posted a Halloween wish list, and I need to jot a few things down to get myself organized, too. So, here goes.

+ finish Mari's costume and give her some more practice time in the lady bug wings (we do have a back-up bug if the wings end up being her ultimate wardrobe malfunction - she's not too sure of them quite yet).
+ share some spooky sweets with our neighbors.
+ add some more fall touches to our home.
+ buy Halloween candy.
+ a few days before Halloween: make a soup, stew or chili to enjoy post trick-or-treating.

PS: if anyone is having a last minute costume crisis, a fluffy tulle skirt that's cheap, cheerful and requires no sewing machine might be your answer. Perfect for ballerinas, lady bugs, bees, ballerinas... anything that needs some girly pouf. See my DIY tulle skirt here.

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Kirsten said...

The patch...so fun! Can't wait to see photos!