DIY thursday: birthday party hat.

Today is Mari's cousin's first birthday. Hooray. So fun. We get to celebrate with Mr. Carson this weekend. Until then, I thought I'd honor his birthday with a little party hat DIY, albeit a pink and red party hat. I don't think he'll mind, though. Mari and Carson seem to share everything these days, and it's been so fun to watch them grow together over the past year.

So, this is of course Miss Mari's birthday party hat that organically evolved with a few materials and a glue gun. And, according to the glue gun great Amanda, that's all you ever really need.
I didn't have a real plan with this, but I took some photos as I crafted, and if you have a birthday boy or girl in your life anytime soon, here's a quick suggestion on creating something custom that's simple and not overwhelmingly work intensive; a combo of store-bought - thanks, as per normal, to Shop Sweet Lulu - with a little DIY love.

Here's what you need:
+ A sweet hat from Shop Sweet Lulu. They come in sets of 12, and they're reversible. So, if you mess up, or need more than one, you'll be more than covered.
+ Tulle (find online or at your local craft/fabric store)
+ Hot glue gun
+ Optional: latex gloves to protect from glue gun burns
+ Scotch tape
+ Other paper embellishments of your choice to add a finishing touch

First things first: thread the chin strap so you're not trying to peel back glued tulle.

Next, using the hot glue gun 'draw' a line of glue along the inside edge of the party hat, and loop the tulle back-and-forth, sort of figure-eight-style, on top of the hot glue. Press down on the tulle as you go - taking care not to burn your fingers (I suggest some latex gloves, if you have 'em). Since the glue dries quickly, work fast but gradually, about two to three inches of glue at a time.
After you are done gluing tulle, seal the hat with the provided tab and reinforce with a piece of tape on the inside of the hat. And then - embellish as you like!

For Mari, I tied in some elements from her birthday invitation and again used the glue gun to affix a heart-shaped 'one' for my no. 1.
It paired nicely with banana cake cupcakes and cream cheese frosting.

Happy birthday to Cousin Carson. We can't wait to celebrate you this weekend!

Birthday girl photos by Jenna Beth Photography. Party hat tutorial photos by paper{whites}.

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