accessorizing your DSLR.

How cute is this handmade camera strap? It was gifted to me by Whitney, and I love it. It's comfortable and extra long. And it's cute. And it makes me happy.
{The Sweet Strap's yellow citron daisy strap}
This strap gives my Nikon a little flair, and some personalization that I seem to crave for most of my prized possessions. Custom, handmade straps are affordable and are a great gift for shutterbug friends (plug for the Christmas list I've yet to start on). If you're super thoughtful, like Whitney, you'll pair it with a handy LensPen liquid-free lens cleaner that she swears by, which I also give two thumbs up.

Etsy's got a lot of great straps out there, but my favorites come from The Sweet Strap, Rhyah Papaya, and Phat Straps. I want one of each. 
From The Sweet Strap: one, three, four and eight.
From Rhyah Papaya: two, five and seven.
From Phat Straps: six.

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