welcome, apple season.

Thank goodness apple season is here. Couldn't have come a moment sooner. Miss Mari has been under the weather, and is there really anything more comforting than homemade applesauce?  Okay, maybe chicken noodle soup, but Mari and I prefer applesauce.
paper{whites} // smitten kitchen's homemade applesauce
I use Smitten Kitchen's recipe, which is simple and quick. When I'm in a rush, like I was with my little sicky over the weekend, I dove right in with my smart stick blender. Easy on the clock and the clean up. If time's on my side, I'll use my food mill when I want to really enjoy the process and better control the texture.

I usually halve SK's recipe because I don't actually can (for longer-term storage); I freeze it in small mason jars (for the very short term; we go through applesauce quickly in this house). Depending on the size of your apples, 6-to-8 apples makes two-to-three pints.
BTW: speaking of apple season, feast your eyes on this pretty Pin-worthy fall-inspired shoot, apples and all, as spied by Stevie from Shop Sweet Lulu. Uh-maz-ing.


kira lee said...

i haven't made my own applesauce yet but definitely want to give it a try.

paper{whites} said...

kira: it's so easy and i think so much better than the jarred stuff you can buy... and i love SK's recipe.