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Friday: I'm glad you're here. As we close off the week, I'm happy to share that I've started the conversation with some creative geniuses to help me better brand this here blog, and in the near future, re-design it. I have been itching for a face lift for quite some time now, and I am finally taking some steps in the right direction.

I'm starting a journey that is really into uncharted waters. I know nothing of HTML code. I vaguely understand the difference between Blogger and Wordpress. I don't know what's best for this blog and me, technically speaking. But, I'm happy to say that research is underway, and as with all creative projects, I'm going to learn as much as I can because I really believe it's all about the process. And collaboration with some really smart and talented people.

This kick in the pants to change things up has really stemmed from Nicole's Photo 101 class.

Stay with me.
from paper{whites}
{gratuitous babe photo / practicing my moves from Nicole's class / capturing irresistible eyelashes}
I forgot what it's like to really engage. Read to learn. Try to succeed, but sometimes fail, get frustrated (and maybe take it out on my foxy roommate), get a pep talk from said roommate (to be clear: it's Eddie, my husband) and then try again. I really love learning, the exploration of possibilities and the creativity that comes with it has inspired me to get seriously passionate about how this blog looks and functions.

So, I'm at square one, but I'm here. With research has come a lot of blog reading. I've discovered some beautifully crafted and written blogs that are just too good not to share. Here are a few new spaces that I am loving lately:

Sacramento Street
Naturally Ella
Good Things Grow
Restored Style
Everyday Occasions
Not Without Salt
Love and Lemons
Sugar and Charm

I know you'll love them, too, if you haven't already discovered them for yourself. And, if you're a blogger (or not) and are interested in this process, drop me a line. If you're a creative genius and have some suggestions or you're a reader with some general feedback, I'd love to talk to you.

I'll check in on this topic periodically and let you know how it's going, and I hope that I can share some good things along the way that may help others who find themselves ready for a change, too.

And on that note, thank you for coming here and encouraging me to keep writing, sharing and doing. I started writing for myself, but I enjoy it so much more profoundly because I can share it with you.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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beachcitylifestyle said...

i would love to talk about all things blogging and hear what you're up to . maybe we could meet for a quick coffee?? Teri