finally: back to [photography] school.

Hooray! I'm finally taking that online photo class I vowed to get in this year.
{for good measure: my last uneducated photo}
Photo 101 started yesterday, and lasts four weeks. There's a textbook, homework assignments, and each week, we have an opportunity to online chat with accomplished photographer and Nicole's Classes founder, Nicole Hill Gerulat.

I'm already thinking this might be the best class I've ever taken - the textbook came wrapped in a big glassine bag, sealed with turquoise-striped washi tape.

I'm so excited, and hope to share some tid bits as we go. By the way, if you're toying with the idea of online classes or are looking for a really great starter guide, you can purchase Photo 101: The Book to try on for size without even committing to a class.

She's very breezy, this Nicole. I can't wait to meet her, cyberically-speaking, of course.

PS: speaking of breezy, I hope everyone had that kind of Labor Day. I have a few new recipes from the weekend to share with you this week (which include pre-class photos, so don't hold it against me)!


beachcitylifestyle said...

sound like fun! good luck with it. photography is fun but a lifelong learning curve. don't you think?

Jessica R. said...

Sounds like a fun class! Can't wait to see what you learn! :) Enjoy!