fall inspired: pumpkin peach and navy blue (and some kraft, too).

From summer yesterday, to fall today. I love the color orange (really love it when it's sherbet, like in Mari's room). But I don't love it when paired with black. I love earth tones, but sometimes they really weigh me down in the Fall. I lean towards airy, bright, white spaces and sometimes when you invite the season in, it's easy to lose your [home] identity, isn't it?
Except when you get inspired by one of Kathryn's boards and re-discover that you can define the season and how it works for you - for an event, a wedding or for your home. Board #491 did that for me yesterday, and I got busy pinning bits of fall inspiration in shades of peach, pumpkin, navy blue, white and brown.

This is a palette I can get on board with through September, October and November. Until Mari insists on things like faux cobwebs and plastic spiders, I can work with this.

Come take a look!

PS: planning... anything? please tell me you've been introduce to Snippet & Ink. It's an amazing resource when you're at square one and in need of serious inspiration and direction. In the fall category, start here.


Garden, Home and Party said...

You intro ducked me to Snippet &Ink...love it! Enjoy a brighter Halloween. Mari will love it either way since its your creativity behind it.

Garden, Home and Party said...

Alison, sorry for the misspelled word...I meant introduced, no introduced. :-)