back-to-school week: supplies.

I'm always a little nostalgic for back-to-school supply shopping around this time of year. Way back when, I could spend hours in the three-ring-binder aisle, and that was after some diligent research and shopping prep. Don't even get me started on mechanical pencils and dividers. Hello, nerd alert.

How times have changed. Office Depot and Staples aren't the only kids in town anymore. There are so many places to shop back-to-school, and I've rounded up a few wish list items from Minted, Paper Source and Giggle.

Journals from Minted.

For the aspiring artist, from Giggle.
1. zebra zoo backpack; 2. monkey artist journal; 3. kids creativity apron

Necessities, gone fun from Paper Source.
1. recycled binder; 2. typewriter file folders; 3. dessert erasers; 4. scented highlighters; 5. bicycle clips.

Tomorrow, I'll finish off back-to-school week with a roundup of my favorite personalized stationery for the kidlets. Come back and visit!

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surprise party ideas said...

Those are "must have" supplies for school. But i like them anyway.