back-to-school week: fresh start for fall.

For years (years!), I've been eye'ing the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day line of household cleaning products. I have been known to spend an unhealthy amount of time sniffing bottle cleaners and soaps, and it wasn't until Mari was born - like so many things in my life - that I really started thinking more intentionally about the products I was bringing home.
On an early summer trip to the desert, I got to test run the lemon verbena dish and hand soap, and I fell in love (thanks, Michelle!). When it was time to replenish my soap supply, I finally made the switch, and I have not looked back.

If you're like me, and you love to love your cleaners, I have a feeling you might really love Mrs. Meyers, and with all of those lunch box goods going back-and-forth from sink to frig to school and back, a fresh, new scented soap might make washing a little less of a chore. Just might.

Here's another bonus and for me, what sealed the switch: Mrs. Meyers' products are good for your dishes, your hands, all the little mouths you feed and the environment. Mrs. Meyers can help you rid your life of harsh chemicals and embrace cleaners made with natural essential oils that smell good and work good.

For the big kids, Mrs. Meyers offers a dorm room set, with everything your undergrad needs for their home away from home. Just in time for back-to-school.

Oh, and there is really a Mrs. Meyers. Her name is Thelma.

PS: My new favorite household sponge: Scotch Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch Sponge. And it's neutral-colored, so it works on your sink. I think Mrs. Meyers would agree that even a sponge can look pretty.


Belle on Heels said...

I recently discovered the Honeysuckle scent (had been using Basil) and it is sooooo fabulous and summery!! Love their products.

mary said...

I'll second the honeysuckle scent comment, it's amazing!! xo