top five wknd snaps: summer, in photos.

Deep inhale in. Hold. Sip in more air. Hold. One more sip. Now, exhale through the mouth. Repeat as needed. Doesn't that feel good? A fresh, cleansing summer breath just about sums up my weekend, which started with a long-overdue yoga class and ended in the swimming pool with Mari. In short: it was just what the doctor ordered. Plus...

One: Sunset devoured, cover-to-cover.
Two: We got our grill on (albeit a borrowed grill, from our neighbors).
Three: Sweetness. We're on the popsicle bandwagon (store-bought, from Dreyer's).
Four: Color, inspired by the season. This is Essie's new California Coral
Five: Someone's walking. Everywhere.


beachcitylifestyle said...

love all her little striped outfits! walking now? gosh that must take on a whole different twist to keeping up with her. glad you had a nice weekend! Teri

Garden, Home and Party said...

That summer cleansing breath was very nice. What a fun weekend. Mari looks like she's got the hang of the whole walking thing, congratulations.