summer's list.

Last night, I was flipping through summer sale catalogs and flashback'd to a recent trip to Target. Back-to-school items are being shelved. That's the kind of reminder I needed; summer is flying by and I decided I needed a summer bucket list.
So much of this summer has been spent obsessing over Mari's first birthday, which, in my opinion, is a great way to spend one's time. But now, I have a little liberation. I don't have extra long to-do lists and I'm not frazzled by endless, obscure errands. I'm also over that emotional hump of watching my daughter turn one, and now I really feel like I can take a deep breath, exhale and settle into the season.

My summer is here. And here's what I want to do:

+ Grill corn on the cob, specifically for this salad. Or... this.
+ Take Mari night swimming (or at least, close-to-bedtime swimming).
+ Make peach jam. Just freezer jam. Canning = someday, but not now.
+ Enjoy an old favorite: The BC's Summer Garden Pasta.
+ Walk to The Creamery for some post-dinner ice cream.
+ Get Mari in some open-toed shoes. I have my eyes on these.
+ Do family night at a concert in the park and introduce Mari to the pond.
+ Play hookie on a Tuesday and hit up the Farmer's Market.
+ Go see a summer blockbuster.
+ Eat bing cherries. Preferably out of cute paper bags, like these.
+ One summer project: get Mari's baby book done. I've not held up my end of the bargain here.
+ And, while we're on that topic, I shall get back to dinner-party-hosting this month. I don't know what happened in May and June, but now seems like the perfect time to plug in the twinkle lights, enjoy our deck and have some friends over.

What's on your summer bucket list?

Mari's swimsuit: Old Navy.

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