summer s'mores, brownie style.

Wow, what a weekend. I took some extra time to really drag out the Birthday Girl's first birthday, and it was a long, friend- and family-filled weekend. And it was so wonderful. Thank you for your kind notes, celebratory wishes and cyber hugs. Mari just learned how to blow kisses, so mmmwah. From the bottom of our hearts.

I have so much fun to share once the dust settles, the pictures download and we unpack from her Sunday beach party (it might take a few weeks - I have to remember that I took months to plan the party, right?). So, to hold us all over, I've got a quick, easy summer sweet for you to try stat: smore's brownies.
Like most summer-inspired foods that I love (top of mind: fresh corn on the cob, white peaches and anything grilled), I can't get enough graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows around this time of year. Last night, in the market, I almost bought a way-too-expensive gourmet smore's trail mix (and now I'm wishing I did). If you're poking around Pinterest, you've probably pinned a smore's recipe or two. And, well, here's three.

We enjoyed these on the Fourth of July at our neighbor's beach picnic, whilst enjoying the best afternoon of lounging and people watching. Made better by melty-gooey-goodness, thanks to Marta Writes. It doesn't get any easier: a box of brownie mix, graham crackers, a bar (or two) of chocolate and marshmallows.
Go visit her beautiful blog for the complete recipe, and I know it will be hard, but try to enjoy these brownies the same day you bake. On day two, the graham crackers staled a bit (not that that stopped me from dusting off the leftovers or anything).

PS: on the topic of summer baking: are you enjoying peaches, or what? I am thinking I might need to re-visit this number (or heck, this one, too) from last year.

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