red, white + blue, baby.

Happy Monday! And happy July. If you're anything like me, you are wondering how the Fouth of July is upon us. But, I love this holiday and all that goes with it, so bring it on, Uncle Sam.
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Last year, right around this time, I was enjoying some down time before Miss Mari decided to enter this beautiful world. I was trying to keep my feet up while finishing so many projects - the number one being her room. While it feels like years have flown by since she was born, it also feels like yesterday that I was hunched over my giant belly, in her little corner of the world, perfecting the white baseboards and sanding down rough edges on her window sills. And getting paint in my hair. And being thankful for Eddie and my parents who helped us get so much done in those final moments of life-before-baby.

Those moments are so definitive at the time, aren't they? I remember thinking that if we didn't accomplish things before baby, we failed and/or we'd never have the chance to get to them again. I don't buy that, though, not after having a baby and having gone through a year of what has been the most productive of my life.

Except for this past weekend. Eddie was on the road, and I had big plans to get lots of things done. Crafty things for the Fourth, more crafty things for someone's first birthday party (oh, yes! so much to get to on that) and lots of cooking prep to make this week a breeze. But, Mari was under the weather, so I just got to be a mom. And now that her fever (and my worry) has passed, I'm thankful to have had the chance to just be (thanks, little beauty (she always knows what's best for me)). And all those things that I didn't get done - well - I know now that they will eventually. Or they won't. And that's just fine.

So, I'm going to just ease on into this holiday week, and hope you will, too. If I get some free time in between enjoying Mari's first Fourth of July, these patriotic hurricanes are first on my list. Cheers!

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beachcitylifestyle said...

I always go back and forth about what to do for the 4th holiday. I love all the red, white, and blue but sometimes I just want to enjoy the day at the beach and not worry about entertaining, cooking, and the clean up. So this year I'll just have a quiet 4th with some beach time and hot dogs with just my husband.
Have a great one! Teri