happy birthday, baby.

Dear Mari-girl,

Happy first birthday, lady bug. I will start with the over-used cliche: I can't believe how quickly this year has passed. Over the last week, I've replayed bits and pieces of your first year in my head, by looking at photos on my phone, reading old blog posts and your journal, and it's all got me so sentimentally wound-up. Was someone going to tell me that the first birthday of your first born is a crazy roller coaster ride, or what?!

I'm so proud of you, my little love with such a big personality. You make me laugh, smile and cry and my heart still explodes with joy at the very thought of you, just like it did in those first few weeks of your life.
Your first year has been my best year. I want to thank you for teaching me about true blue love and for so many other little things, like:

Taking time to stop and touch (and smell) the flowers.
How a nap can really re-set my entire day.
Family matters.
Eating steamed broccoli isn't so bad.
Frustration is only a phase, and can usually be conquered in seconds.
Putting toys back where they came from applies to me, too.
With you, life really does get more fun with every passing day.
Daddy's hair is prettier than mine, and I'm okay with that.
Happiness is a state of mind (that can be helped along by things like empty water bottles or wrapping paper).
Taking life slow, one intentional step at a time, while holding someone's hand, is a good thing.
The best version of me comes when I remember my purpose in life: to set a good example for you.

I will hold onto these first year memories with all my might, as I watch you grow up, learn to walk and talk and begin your second year. I love you, sweet girl. Happy birthday.
XOX mom

PS: Friday the 13th is a great day to have a birthday. Believe it for the rest of your life!

All photos by Bella Baby Photography, when Mari was nearly 12 hours old.


beachcitylifestyle said...

so sweet! enjoy your weekend and family! Teri

mary said...

happy birthday sweet mari! and to her amazing parents, congratulations on an amazing first year of parenthood!!! xo

Jessica Root said...

Happy First Birthday Mari! What a beautiful post (your comment about Eddie's hair made me laugh!) Enjoy your weekend and celebration of that beautiful life! Hope we can get together soon. All my best - Jessica

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mari!!! We can't believe you are already 1! We miss you so much (especially Savanna).
Tracie, Bryan & Savanna

Chef Erni said...

Those pictures make me so happy that I cried a little when I saw them again. Great post Al. Happy b-day little lady.

Garden, Home and Party said...

Happy Birthday, dear sweet Mari.

Such a sweetie pie.