DIY: red, white + blue hurricanes.

This weekend, do yourself a favor and take a stroll through Target's dollar bins (as if I had to pull your arm) and pick up a handful of 3-packs of small American flags, because you are going to want to get crafty once you find out how easy and affordable these patriotic hurricanes are.
While scouring the world wide web for Independence Day inspiration, I found this made-for-me DIY that was done in less than 15 minutes, while still in my pajamas on the morning of the Fourth. Just in time, right? At least I'll be ready for next year, and you will too, if you gather a few supplies. Here's what you need:

+ large glass jar - extra credit if you recycle an old pickle jar (or something of that sort). You want something tall, wide and smooth.
+ spray adhesive - think spray paint, but spray glue. Find at your local craft shop.
+ American flags, detached and ironed, if needed (you will also want good fabric scissors to clean up the edge of the flag, if necessary)
+ Modge Podge or Yes! Paste and a sponge or paint brush for application - a tip on Yes!, learned from the brilliant Bianca - mix in a little bit of water to thin the super duper glue.
+ filler of your choice and candle(s)
It's pretty self-explanatory, and Sweet Something Designs provides a good tutorial. Here are some additional tips, maybe obvious (maybe not):

+ first things first: wash and your glass jar and allow to thoroughly dry (like overnight).
+ a very crisp and flat flag makes this project perfectly easy. Iron it if it's been wrapped tightly in plastic for far too long.
+ for me, the easiest way to detach the flag from the pole: just tug it right off with your hands, and trim the flag with good fabric scissors to clean up the edge.
+ to attach the flag to jar, spray the back of it with adhesive and place it on the jar, taking care to seal all four corners well. Allow the adhesive to dry a bit, and then lightly brush a coat of Modge Podge or Yes! over the flag, without getting any on the glass (if you do, have a damp paper towel handy to wipe it down immediately). This helps seal the flag and make it a bit glossy.
+ fill with sand (or maybe decorative moss, shells, corks or rocks) and a small candle and enjoy!
I'm in love with these hurricanes, and they'll probably be enjoyed on our deck through Labor Day! Note to self: pick up a few more candles.

Happy weekend! (Does anyone feel like we had two Mondays this week, and now two Fridays? I do and I'm so glad the second one is here.)

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Belle on Heels said...

These are adorable. Definitely making these to have on hand for Memorial Day and the 4th of July next year!