wknd snaps: top five.

On Sunday night, after Mari went to sleep, we decided that our Father's Day tradition would be that we spend it at a soccer game. Any match will do, really, because after watching the pride with which Eddie enjoys the beautiful game with his daughter, it just seems like that is his perfect day with his perfect little girl.
Now, take his pride, multiply that by infinity and you have the joy I feel when I observe this father-daughter relationship that is blooming daily, often on grass fields. It's heart-meltingly wonderful. And I never want to forget these special moments in time.

Add photo one above, and here are the top five from the weekend.

Two: Mari's flower of choice for Father's Day weekend - pink tulips.
Three: Surfer gazing from the Manhattan Beach Pier on our morning walk.
Four: Orange zesting complete for Father's Day brunch. On the menu: French Toast Bread Pudding.
Five: Ripping into dad's gifts.
Eddie: Thank you for making life so good. I love you.