water babies.

I'm totally crushing on little girl swim suits, thanks to my little water baby. Mari loves a swim, especially with her daddy.
A little one-piece- and patriotic-obsessed, I've been scouring websites and shops, and here are a few favorites, if you're in the market.
From left to right: Janie and Jack Dot Skirted Swim Suit; Boden Ruffle Swim Suit; Circo Anchor Swim Suit; Snapme Swimwear Freedom Stripes (found, thanks to Zulily).

From left to right: Juicy Zest Stripe; Kate Mack Striped Halter; Kate Mack Picnic Sail Two-Piece; Love U Lots One Piece.

Find any favorites yourself? Drop me a line!

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Garden, Home and Party said...

LOL! Between Mari and Olivia they could start their own bathing suit boutique. I love the little blue and white polka dot/skirted number. So cute.