Like so many of you, I'm a journal'er and love all things related. I love the art of writing details in long lists, on calendars and a lot of times, in emails to Eddie. These days, our lives seem to be meshed in Outlook, especially when it comes to daily to do's, like Mari watch, Target runs and nearly every day: what's for dinner.
In the past couple of weeks, making Mari's food has got me a little uneasy. For the last few months, I've had a well-oiled machine going of steaming, pureeing, freezing and storing everything from cauliflower to chicken. I feel good about what she's eating even when I'm not the one feeding her.

But, she's growing, and so is her palette, and now I can make fabulous things like barley with mint and asparagus (wow!); meals that are meant to be eaten fresh, and not thawed from the freezer. How am I going to do it everyday as a working mom?

I've had minor internal panic attacks about it, until last week when I found Dinner: A Love Story. This blogger/writer/mom extraordinaire has got me believing that if I can just start making a list, I can do it. Since 1998, Jenny Rosenstrach has been journaling what's for dinner - every. single. night. That's pretty remarkable, in my book.

At the core of Jenny's blog and her just-released-first-cookbook is that everything starts at the dinner table, and that's something I can get behind. My brother and I were raised with well-balanced, home-cooked meals nearly every night, and that's something to which I'm committed. Except, right now, our evenings are a bit of marathon sprint tending to Miss M. We get her fed, but we don't eat until after she's in bed. Which is usually at our coffee table, in front of the TV, and I don't think that that's what you'd call a family dinner.

Until last night. My husband made dinner and set the table for the three of us. It was a real first, and while we mostly just adored and fed Mari while our pasta cooled, I realized that we can do this, with four hands on deck and some serious planning.

Which starts with a journal. To my list of 2012 intentions, I'm adding this: planning / journaling dinner, every day, starting today. Who's with me?
By the way, the whole purchasing-of-journal on the same day as our first dinner at the table was a wonderful coincidence. I love it when life works in all the right ways.

Thanks to our good, good friends, Mari has her own placemat, and this thing really works.


beachcitylifestyle said...

that is such a nice idea. i love the idea of journaling your dinners. i would love to be able to look back on what my family dinners were growing up. now, since it's just my husband and I, we eat out a lot. i cook a couple times a week, but food goes wasted a lot so eating out for us is just better all around.

Garden, Home and Party said...

I love the idea...planning with lists is my life, I love it! Especially when I get to buy a new journal to keep said lists in.
Way to go, I'm sure you're going to have a blast dining with Mari.