And, I'm back. Just returned home from a five-day stay in Lake Tahoe. It's really one of the most beautiful places I've ever laid eyes on, and for me, it was a brief trip down memory lane. We spent many summer vacations in Incline Village, in the same exact condo we just packed eight adults and two babies in, in fact.
It was the kind of family vacation I always imagined, where everyone converges under one roof from near and far, games are played, stories are told, laughs are had late into the night, babies share bath time and all that really, really good stuff. It was pretty special.

But, after any trip, long or short, I'm always so happy to be home. Even when that means a return to the same old routine, which now that I'm a mom, has been carefully crafted - but certainly not perfected - over the last 11 months (btw: Mari girl, happy 11 months today!). And, after our trip to the most beautiful lake nestled in the most beautiful mountains, coming home felt so good, especially for Mari.
Traveling with baby isn't hard, but it's not easy. This was our first plane trip with the little beauty, and it was a short, easy one (yes!). But, unlike our past trips, Mari had a tough time once we arrived in the mountains. She just never seemed to get comfortable. I don't know if it was the new stimulating surroundings, the weather (which was perfectly sunny and crisp, but a bit cool), the altitude or what, but she wasn't herself, and I think for the first time, she recognized she wasn't home.

Is that possible? Well, I'm sure it could have been a million things, but that's what I'm going with.

Because with babies, you never really know what's wrong, do you? Well, maybe you do (and if you do, can you clue me in?). Yes, I know her and she's my daughter and I should know what's wrong with her 24/7, but the truth is, I don't. I try so hard it makes me crazy, but I don't. Even when she's 11 months old, and seems to communicate with me so clearly 23.9 hours of the day. It's that 0.9 that had me all twisted inside, and I felt like the only cure was home.

I'm sensing that this is my nearly one-year-old reality check: my sweet Mari is growing up. She's so curious. She's fearless. She's a tough cookie on sleepless nights. She's got spunk. She's a little explorer and she seems to be acutely aware of her environment and who's a part of it. It's all so amazing to witness. Her auntie, uncle, cousin and grandparents make her smile, laugh, scrunch her nose, fake cough - you name it - but I think she's a bit too much like her mom. She craves home, routine and all that goes along with it.
And you really can't beat sleeping in your own bed.

I took a vacation from taking photos. Babies and grandparents shot lakeside, courtesy of my sister-in-law, Whitney. Second most adorable baby in the world pictured is Mari's cousin Carson, 3 months her junior.

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Garden, Home and Party said...

Mari, a girl after my own heart...there's no place like home! :-)