DIY: let's top a cake.

A long while back, I pinned this pretty pink rainbow cake and bunting, and it was the inspiration for cheery yellow garland that topped the cake at Krisa's shower. With some cardstock and few extra tools you probably have laying around your house, you can sweeten up your next dessert. Here's how.
You will need:
+ cardstock (felt, fabric or wide ribbon would be fun, too!)
+ stamps + ink (optional)
+ twine/string/ribbon (the thinner the better for small dessert toppers)
+ ruler
+ wooden skewers (check your local market!)
+ pencil
+ sewing needle (preferably one with a large eye to accommodate twine/string/ribbon)
1. Cut out triangles, rectangles or whatever shapes you like. I used the ruler and pencil to sketch straight lines. A protractor would probably be really helpful for triangles, but I just eyeball'd it.

2. If you're going to add any embellishments, like stamps, now's the time to do it (and if you do stamp, allow ink to dry completely).

3. With a needle (or a really mini hole punch), prick the corners of your flags so your needle has somewhere to go.
4. With a lot of extra slack, thread your needle and start 'sewing' your flags together. You will figure out what style you like, whether the thread crosses across or behind the flags. A lot of this is trial and error. I messed this up about 18 times before I got it right.
5. One you've threaded all flags, tie a knot or bow, tightly to your wooden skewers. I recommend leaving the skewers long until you are ready to top the dessert, at which point you can trim down if necessary. Same goes for your twine. I left it long and flow-y.
6. Voila. Cake topped.
And now, I'd like a slice (of that Susie Cakes vanilla celebration cake, to be exact). Happy June weekend, all!


Belle on Heels said...

so, so precious!

beachcitylifestyle said...

so freakin' cute. i'm going to try this for my next celebration. Teri