wknd snaps: top ten.

Hope you had a wonderful, long weekend. You may recall that Memorial Day is big in our house for lots of reasons, and we celebrated all weekend long. I ate my way through the weekend, actually, and today, I'm still feeling it. Detox is sounding good about now.
Though gluttonous, it was a glorious weekend, full of all the things that summer brings; family and friends, good food, and lots of time outside. All that, and dad's first birthday. As in: Eddie's first birthday being Mari's dad. Here's a hodgepodge of weekend goodness. From over 1,000 photos shot since Friday. I need to be stopped.

One: Still on a yellow kick from Krisa's shower (more on that this week!), we decorated with daisies.
Two: On the birthday brunch menu - waffles, of course. PS: I got bit by The Shops at Target bug. Loving Privet House
Three: We're seeing signs of life on the lemon tree.
Four: On a related note, basil is growing beautifully on our deck. More than enough for a fresh, delicious salad that I'll be sharing with you.
Five: And I'm crushing, like most of the web, on coral and turquoise.
Six: Why, yes, those are caramels. Awaiting to be melted into thick, creamy goodness for some of the best [birthday] brownies I've ever tasted. More on those later, promise.
Seven: Celebrating at The MB Post with some of our favorite people, and our favorite wine (and the fabulous honey trio that's a must-try).
Eight: Lime juicing. For [birthday] margaritas.
Nine: My new favorite knife. Ever. If you love watermelon like I do, you need one of these. And yes, the knife really is pink. Awesome, right?
Ten: Staying up past bedtime to spoil the birthday boy.

Lots more to come this week!


Belle on Heels said...

Aaah I saw one of those knives on sale at TJ Maxx recently and didn't pick it up. Gotta go back and get it!

Garden, Home and Party said...

Great pics and happy birthday wishes to Eddie.