this week.

We are in mid-May, friends. Mid-May! This month is chalk-full of celebrations, and there's a lot of goodness to get to in the second half of the month.
{fresh gardenias from our April Happy Hour; we recycled the waxy leaves for Mari's Baptism}
I feel like if I don't start really paying attention to my lists, I'm going to really forget things, so maybe you can help keep me on track. Here's what's going on:

+ party prepping to shower my best baby mama.
+ birthday shopping for Eddie and my brother (gift ideas welcome!).
+ mind over matter: attempting to live in a tropical state of mind this sunny time of year, thanks to Pandora.
+ growing with baby food: considering adding this book to our library, on recommendation from Jen.
+ add to that: meal planning in general; we're sort of drowning in the food department, as of late. Is there a refresh button for the kitchen? Because I could use one. Thank goodness Eddie is an amazing cook!
+ in progress: invitation design for Mari's first birthday. Really must get on that first year baby book.
+ hard drive downloading: my six-year-old Macbook is on its last legs (insert sad face emoticon), but I've got a new computer in my future (insert big smiley face emoticon; the one with a big mouth full of pearly whites), thanks to my beautiful daughter and thoughtful husband.
+ and with that, I have a cup that runneth over with so much love from my family. My first mother's day was really special. I'm so thankful.

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beachcitylifestyle said...

I know! Time is flying by. Teri