on being a mom.

I'm not going to get political on you here, but I've had that Time magazine article staring at me all week, and after having read it, I feel a little cheated. I just didn't get much out of it. I succumbed to the hype, and like most things of hype, I was a little let down.
Since becoming a parent, I've been voracious for anything on the topic. I've read more than I expected, in fact; when I was pregnant the only reading I could muster was weekly e-mails from BabyCenter.com (highly recommend for informative brevity, btw), and that was it. I just wasn't interested. Until Mari came along, and really, at 3 a.m., you'll do/read/find just about anything to help your baby fall asleep in those early months.

In our time of instant answers; I searched. And my head started spinning around other people's words.

In my small circle of beautiful, fabulous mom friends, we've all been through it: we read to gain knowledge, because knowledge is power, but once we cross the line to obsession, we question ourselves, and everything we've gathered, because every opinion is different. Why is there not one answer to the question of how much milk my baby is supposed to get in a 24-hour period? Why.

It took me months to realize that there's not one doctor, nor one book prescribed just for my baby. Thanks to my husband, I had a little conversation with myself about letting go of what everyone else is saying and doing, and finding my own way with Mari. I've let go of defining my parenting style, and instead, I have happily defined who I am, as Mari's mother.

I read three really fabulous articles on being a mom in the last week, all of which rocked my world. If you're up for some smart, thoughtful reading, may you enjoy:

+ A beautiful story about motherhood, the baby bond and how magical it really is. Especially for a Korean adoptee, raised by Midwestern parents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who celebrated her first Mother's Day on Sunday. Written by my dear friend and journalist, Corina Knoll, this autobiographical article will make your heart smile, probably after a tear or two.

+ If you want to get political, read this. Thanks to a Facebook friend, this article got my gears going, and got me nodding 'yes, yes, yes' in agreement. I won't get on my maternity leave soapbox, but no matter in which state you live, if you have gone through it or are about to go through it, get informed.

+ Of all the blog reading I do, I keep coming back to The Haystack Needle not only for pretty inspiration, but parenting advice. Her adventures with her sweet little girl, just a few months older than mine, have helped shape so many Mari moments, especially on the topic of baby food. She wrote a super informative piece on baby wearing, and its many, many benefits and let's just say I've tucked that in the keep-forever-file (for the record, one of my most favorite things we own: the Ergo). On the eve of Mother's Day weekend, she posted this beautiful tribute to her daughter.

PS: Jen also posted about a few books that she's reading, and addressed a couple of parenting books of which she's a fan. Benefit from her wisdom here.


beachcitylifestyle said...

gosh it's all so confusing. must be difficult to sort through everything as a new mommy.
I don't know if you know about the beach citiies blogger meet up, but it's next week at Elleni (spell?) downtown MB. I can get you more info if you are interested. just email me if you are. Teri

mary said...

i wouldn't have made it through my first five months of motherhood without you -- you're an amazing mama! loved this post! xo