non-baby shower baby shower invites.

I'm a lot like my bestie Krisa, who, you know, I think is pretty fabulous. We're very much alike, the two of us. So, when we started talking baby shower, her suggestion of a simple girls lunch was music to my ears. It's secretly what I had in mind, anyway. She seems to know just what I'm thinking, and is always about a half step ahead of me. I love that about her.
Like most of our showers, this was a group effort. I got to handle the paper and pretties, and feeling inspired from a yellow-and-gray-themed wedding Eddie and I recently attended (shot by the amazing Amy & Stuart), Lynette helped me design the invitation. Printed, of course, at Christie, and paired with yellow circle labels, they nestled into my favorite paper bag envelopes, with a little surprise.
Tissue paper confetti. Thank you, Kristina.

More to come on the shower fun!

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