three years later.

Three years later nearly to the day, we found ourselves standing at the very same altar, with the very same Priest and Deacon, with the very same special family and friends, with the same most beautiful sunny weather during the same most wonderful time of the year.

With one addition: Mari (and a couple of cousins who joined us along the way, of course).

Our little love was baptized on Sunday, just three days before our three year anniversary. By a beautiful coincidence and a lot of help from our church, we relived so many wonderful April 18 memories. When the day was over, I felt a little like I felt after our wedding had passed - so much gratitude, emotion and mostly, a lot of love.

I have so much goodness to share; we hosted a small party at our home following the ceremony, and I've got lots to get to, starting tomorrow with the invitations.

For now, I'll leave you with this, which pretty much sums up our daughter.
One shoe on, and one in the mouth. Starting off her relationship with the Monsignor on the right foot. Literally.

Happy anniversary to my sweet, handsome husband who's still got it, in the very same suit he was married in three years ago (PS: I wore the Loft dress - thank you for your thoughtful opinions and comments!).

Photos by my sister-in-law Whitney.

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Karen said...

I apologize for being MIA with my usual visits and comments to your site...looks like I returned just in time to enjoy the wonderful day you and your family shared. Happy Anniversary and joy for Mari's baptism. Priceless.