dress shopping.

Let's just get something out of the way: I'm not fashionable. My go-to outfit is a white tee, jeans and my favorite pair of flip flops. I love beach living for lots of reasons, and a big one is that my go-to outfit is always in style. Heels kinda scare me. Flats are a staple and I rarely wear dresses or skirts. As in, only when I have to.
{from Boden} spring shift dress in tulip mono floral and notch neck shift in navy
When I was pregnant, I invested in some maternity clothes. I didn't buy a ton, but I have to say - after getting over the fact that I was growing quickly - it was a treat to update my outdated wardrobe. With the help of some stylish bloggers, I learned ways to strategically shop and gained a little confidence in the fashion department. When I was 30+ pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, looking good did help me feel like a new person. Especially on those swollen, water-weighty days.

Oh, being pregnant really is such a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Fast forward to mom life and in the last few months, I've purged my closet of all those random pieces I held onto for years. When I realized it had been at least a year since I'd worn most of it, I decided I could live without it. And then I realized I needed some new clothes [that fit]. Gradually, I've been adding bits and pieces to my new mom look - things like cardigans, scarves and belts - that up the fashion factor to my neutral staples. I'm trying to be more put-together and intentional when I get dressed, if nothing more than to feel good and be a good role model for Mari. And a double take from Eddie isn't bad, either.

Mari's baptism is this month, and I am in the market for a new dress that will make me feel special on her special day. This feels like a big purchase, and maybe it's because it'll be the first really nice thing I've bought myself since she was born. Or maybe it's simply because I know that we'll be looking at her baptism pictures for the rest of her life and dangit, I better look good.

Also eyeing this J.Crew tunic and this, from Loft.


mary said...

i love the navy dress -- you will be a beautiful mama no matter what, beaming with love for your little one!

Karen said...

Navy is a SAFE bet but maybe you want to see a little color in digital photos you will treasure. :-)

Betsy M said...

Sister- Navy is too safe! Go w/ the Jcrew Tunic!...2nd choice is the one from the loft!

xoxo, Bets