april entertaining: happy hour with a mission.

It's always five o'clock somewhere, right? We hosted some friends, old and new, at the beginning of the month, for a long overdue get together, as most get togethers are.
We met Anthony Slater years ago through our day jobs and he's just one of the good ones. You know, those people who you love working with and love being around. He's inspiring and makes you feel like you can do anything (did I mention he's an accomplished athletic trainer and executive with an elite sports group? And, oh yeah, he's got degrees in both psychology and physical health and education). He and Eddie share a very similar half-glass-full outlook, rooted in belief that physical activity does make you - and the world - a happier, better person. I love that about them.

We've spent many a Sunday Fundays with Slater, and just like that, years fly by, he gets married and we have a kid. He married a lovely and fun Lisa, and together, they are doing some pretty amazing things, including an upcoming expedition to Uganda, in the name of bringing clean water to two Mityana schools with RainCatcher, a non-profit aimed at solving the world's global water crisis.

As I down ounces and ounces of water each day, I am now conscious that more than 1 million people in this world do not have access to clean water - ever. Ever. Anthony and Lisa's mission is to help chip away at this number with their Uganda trip, by helping provide clean water to two local schools, as well as soccer and fitness education.

Inspired by their commitment and passion for their June trip, we snacked and we talked, on this yummy bean dip - my new obsession - and two recycled favorites: Eddie's shrimp dip and blood orange margaritas.
Come back tomorrow for details and the recipe. It's perfect for the weekend, if you ask me.

We are grateful to the Slaters for sharing their Sunday with us, and will be helping them inch towards their trip. You can, too, by visiting their fundraising page. You can also follow their progress and journey on their blog.

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That is such a nice idea. Love the photos. Teri