wknd snaps, in green and pink.

St. Patrick's Day really snuck up on me this year, whereas 10 years ago, this was the holiday of all holidays in my world (how times have changed). Plus, we had some rainy, windy weather this weekend, so our indoor celebration for three was made brighter with margs and guac. Not quite corned beef and cabbage, but we had our own green theme going, with Mari running the show. As per normal.
Blood oranges = found! I got just enough to make a batch of Annie's margaritas.

And holy guacamole. They. Were. Fabulous.


Karen said...

I'll have to try those margaritas sometime...they are really pretty.
Mari is growing up! Love her nod to Ireland, green t-shirt. :-)

beachcitylifestyle said...

Cuteness! I know what you mean, the holidays sneek up and I'm never prepared like I want to be. Teri