pb green.

In the wee back corner of my kitchen drawers have sat these bags for almost eight months. I bet they were feeling pretty neglected. Until I needed to pack Mari a sack lunch (green peas and applesauce) over the weekend. It was kind of like finding that $20 in your jeans that you forgot you had.
I don't know when it happened exactly, but shortly after Mari made our family of three, I've been more conscious of waste and have avoided plastic whenever I can. These bags from PB Green help me do both.
They were yet another gift when I was pregnant, and their motto is: Re-Snack; Re-Wrap; Re-think your lunch. Bags and sacks are perfectly sized for different food containers, and are phthalate and BPA free.

They come individually or in sets of three, and are made of cotton fabric on the exterior, water-resistant lining on the interior and close with velcro.
Plus, they're cute. Like super cute.

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Karen said...

These are really cute and so colorful. I don't even know what "phthalate and BPA free" means but it sounds bad. I hope my bags don't have it.
Mari's generation will be so much greener than your generation and certainly mine.