inspired by: blood oranges.

Have you noticed how much blood orange goodness there is around the world wide web these days? I'm daydreaming of inviting recipes and photos of the juicy gems that regrettably aren't in season for much longer. So, if you find them locally, let me know. Jonesing to enjoy them. Stat.

Until then, I'll continue to salivate over...
{image source}
+ Annie's Eats' blood orange sorbet

+ Also from Annie: blood orange margaritas

+ Blood orange and valencia orange salad with olive vinaigrette from Food & Style

+ Local Kitchen's blood orange curd and bars

+ Crumb's blood orange tart

+ Kitchen Confidante's lemongrass and blood orange wine spritzer

+ Last but not least: blood orange crostate with salted caramel sauce from TasteFood

Mari's baptism is next month, and our very small family gathering is gathering some blood orange inspiration. See more of what I'm loving on my Pinterest board.

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beachcitylifestyle said...

I particularly love blood orange cocktails or mocktails so pretty with that great color!